Another entry to the L&H series:

Siebert 10mm Standard, 36mm Observatory Seires

Do these eyepieces seem as if they were home-made? Actually they are, they're the Siebert 10mm standard and the 36mm Observatory series, made by Harry Siebert himself in his shop. But don't let the sparse look deceive you, as these are fine EP's and have their own following. Harry as a reputation for turning up good eyepieces/binoviewers/barlows and can even make one custom made to your specs. See his website here:

Siebert Optics - Home Page

The 10mm is sharp and comparable to other good plossls. I was once asked to compare the 36mm with the Aspheric 31mm and this was my reply:

..after having used them for sometime, it's a tough call to make, and the comparison between the Aspheric 31mm vs. the Siebert 36mm that I have would not be fair, having different focal lenghts; at best I would have to say that they come out even Steven, both have some softness at the very edge on an F/5.9 scope, better on an F/10, but the Panoptic 27mm beats both of them in terms of edge sharpness such that the Pan27 has become my favorite to use. Bottom line: if aesthetics is a factor, the Aspheric 31mm edges out the more spartan/industrial looking Siebert 36mm, not to mention that the Aspheric can be used not only in 2" mode but in 1-1/4" as well. If I were forced to have only one of them, I'd go with the Aspheric, but I do enjoy using the Siebert too because of its relatively very light weight and generous eye relief that's very easy on the eyes. Nobody can go wrong with any of these two, they're both great eyepieces.