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    Default TMB Planetary & UO Ortho Abbe (VT) 4mm

    Hello...just a quick report on my observations I thought I'd share. I own both of these and had a chance to use both of them last night on Jupiter. Seeing was of the best nights I've ever had. The scope used was an Orion XT10i.

    Both eyepieces revealed considerable detail. However, in the ortho the details were a bit more crisp. For example, in the ortho the south polar region was clearly discernable as a series of very fine belts whereas in the TMB these fine lines would come and go. Likewise with the delicate detail along the edges of the NEB. For contrast, the Ortho is a clear winner.

    However, boy did Jupiter race across the field in that Ortho! It became tiring trying to keep up! The TMB offered a bit more real estate, enough that I felt I could relax for a moment and watch the planet as it drifted across. Eye relief of the TMB was greater, but the volcano top design of the 4mm ortho makes it comfortable to use. Overall winner for "usability" is the TMB. clear winner here. If I had to choose just one I'd probably pick the ortho as I'm willing to put up with chasing a planet in exchange for more detail.

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    Thanks for the report; concur on the result - also do have the 4mm TMB planetary and some UO orthos V-top/HD. Tracking and the ortho works very well too, but the TMB is really very comfortable to use, quite a toss up - just a matter of how much sharpness loss one is willing to tolerate to compensate for comort.


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