Hello all.
I've been away for a while (Burglarized, concussioned, bad seeing for a SOLID YEAR, and other sundry life "lessons").

Anywhoo, I'm back, and a sign of my renewed optimism (faith?) is that I just bought THE chair (Ole Cuss will be happy)!
Also bought a nice AZ 3 mount just for my ED80.
(I have just about every EQ mount from the EQ-1 to the CGEM, but I do like a nice manual Alt-Az for just putzing around the sky). AND I bought a big honkin' 40mm (1.25") TeleVue Plossl just to round out my EP collection. (2nd hand for $100).
I can't wait to SIT down all comfy and try that 40mm TV on my ED80 just swivelling around that nice AZ-3.

All that to say that spring has sprung and I'm just as happy as a pig in slop!

PS I was away longer than I thought: Keith BC became all gray while I was gone!