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    Default Celestron FirstScope Finder Scope

    I'm guessing this is the right group for this question. I bought a Celestron FirstScope with an accessory kit that included a Finder Scope. The mount for the Finder is kind of short and with my head against the FirstScope I can hardly see through the Finder. Well, frequently I can't see at all. I also wear glasses which aren't helping. If I can find (or someone can point me to) a better finder scope what would I look for to make sure it fits on the FirstScope. I'd be okay with a finder that's ridiculous for such a little dob because I plan on getting a grownup dob soon.

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    Default Re: Celestron FirstScope Finder Scope

    Well I sure had to look hard to find the accessory kit...BUT after finding it ...I see you got a 5x24 straight thru finder, a moon filter, and a 6 and 12.5 mm eyepieces all for a grand total of $20.00 extra....

    Now I can see why you are having a little trouble getting your eyeball down next to the scope to actually use the finder... The only suggestion I have is try to raise it up off the scope itself several inches and I have no idea how you would be able to do that... I think the OTA is cardboard if I am not mistaken ...Looks like the scope comes with a 20 and a 4 mm eyepiece so you now should have 4 eyepieces..>>>>I'd just use the 20 mm eyepiece which gives you 15 power with is not much more then a pair of binoculars and use it as a finder eyepiece in the scope itself..

    NOBODY makes a Right Angle Correct Image (RACI) SMALL finder that I know of and if they did I'm willing to bet it would cost more then your total investment you already made in the scope and the accessory kit...

    The scope BTW is a pretty nice little scope.. especially for open star clusters and lunar viewing...

    Bob G
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