Good evening,

I am new at this forum and I would like to ask you about your experience concerning Meade eyepieces UWA series 5000 (1,25").
For observing from my town "balcony observatory" with SCT NexStar 6" or refr. SW 102/500 - I would like use one or two from 8,8mm, 6,7mm or 4,7 mm as better addition to my standard Celestron Plossls. (Main area is Moon and planetary observation).
And as last - in some forums I red about Meade 5000 series TeleXtender 2x (1,25") that this item is something like "powermate 2x" and on other ones they described it like classical barlow 2x.
Please can somebody tell me what is the true?
Thank you.

PS excuse me for my english - it is not my mother tongue.