The Laurel Highlands Star Cruise in northeastern West Virginia will offer at
least 24 different presentations by 15 different speakers, June 14 - 20.

Mel Bartels: Ultralight Telescopes of the Pacific Northwest With New Mount
Designs / Large Thin Mirror Grinding

Tom Crowley: Amateur Radio Astronomy - Searching for Life Among the Stars

Dr. Steele Hill: The Sun through the Eyes of SOHO

Dr. Noam Izenberg: The MESSENGER Mission to Mercury

Dr. Karen Jensen: Introduction to Amateur Radio Astronomy

Mark Kochte: The Hubble Space Telescope Universe Tour

David Lane: Earth Centered Universe: The Trials, Tribulations, and Rewards
of Developing Astronomy Software for Amateur Astronomers / Designing,
Building, and Using a Backyard Observatory for Amateur Research

Ron Ravneberg: The Good Old Days - Amateur Astronomy: 1950-1965

Kerry Smith: Finding a New (or Near New Moon) Using Amateur Radio Astronomy

Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh Members:

Art Glaser: The History of Allegheny Observatory from 1860 - 2004

John Holtz: Beginning Astronomy Classes

Larry McHenry: Observing the Sun / Video Astronomy

Dr. Robert Novack: Should You Think About Building Your Own Telescope

Rev. Bill Roemer: Revelation vs. Reason: Can Theology & Science Be Partners?

Dr. Terry Trees: Introduction to Various Types Astronomical Software

Additional details of all the event activities, caterer, dark skies,
vendors, etc. are available at

Hope to see you there.