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    Default Dr. Paul's solar prominence filter????

    Does anyone know what happend to Dr. Henry Paul's solar prominence
    filter as described in the ATM series of books, Book Three, I think. It was
    made of a stack of quartz plates of various thicknesses. I wonder how this
    type of device compares to modern day interference filters? I believe this
    was called a Lyot Quartz Monochromator.

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    Default Dr. Paul's solar prominence filter????

    Ed Majden posted:

    I don't know what happened to the unit he built, but there were undoubtedly

    They can be as broad or also as narrow as the Fabry-Perot Etalon-based filters
    used today. It depends on the number of elements you want to put in (the more
    elements, the narrower the passband generally is). It is a somewhat more
    complex design than the F-P filters, but if you can get access to the quality
    quartz (not an easy task BTW), as well as the interspaced polarizers, you
    could make one yourself. Clear skies to you.
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