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Thread: Solar storm etc

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    amazure ²°°³'s Avatar
    amazure ²°°³ Guest

    Default Solar storm etc

    During the solar storm & the one 2 days or so after, my pc's
    monitor kept changing picture width slightly (annoying) !

    Today it started again, so is there another solar / geomagnetic storm?

    Some of the width changes have been larger & more 'violent' than
    the first two times. It never gives me any problems any other time.


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    Default Solar storm etc

    "amazure ²°°³" <>
    wrote in message

    The Green led's in my truck odometer and radio display turned blue for a
    while about the same time.

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    Tom Randy Guest

    Default Solar storm etc

    On Mon, 03 Nov 2003 07:10:10 -0500, amazure ²°°³ wrote:

    The storms have absolutely nothing to do with your computer at all.

    It must be the monitor itself or a software issue.

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    Emmersome Bigguns Guest

    Default Solar storm etc

    "Tom Randy" <> wrote in message

    A student of Dr. Ming?
    I suggest you go back and study basic electronics and re-think that

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    David Fields Guest

    Default Solar storm etc

    I did it with my mind.
    "amazure ²°°³" <>
    wrote in message

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    ck26 Guest

    Default Solar storm etc

    Yeah - mine's started doing that when I've had the monitor switched off - I
    think there must have been a surreptiously installed windows update for the
    graphics accelaorator recently.

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    Thijs Verbeek Guest

    Default Solar storm etc

    Basic elctronics tel me, that when a electro-magnetic storm can have an
    impact large enough to overload a power station, it wil influence your
    monitor aswel.

    My sony tv is mounted on an rotating platform, so I can view television
    whereever I sit in my living-room. When I rotate too fast, I get a funny
    coloured didtortion at the corners. And that's just the influence from the
    earth magnetic field.

    "ck26" <> wrote in message
    news:3fa7881c$0$19533$ ..

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    David Knisely's Avatar
    David Knisely Guest

    Default Solar storm etc

    "Thijs Verbeek" <> wrote in message news:<3fa7ff88$0$79332$>...

    Your impression is incorrect. The Earth's magnetic field is far too
    weak to signficantly affect a TV monitor. A magnetic storm does not
    directly affect a power station. What such a storm does is induce DC
    electrical currents in the hundreds and hundreds of miles of
    transmission lines in the northern regions of the Earth where the
    field strength variations are significant. This can produce power
    surges which the distribution network may be unable to handle.

    David Knisely

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    Martin Riddle's Avatar
    Martin Riddle Guest

    Default Solar storm etc

    "David Knisely" <> wrote in message om...

    They do make TV's (larger screens) with minor pincushioning adjustment switches for north and
    southern latitudes. So, from that info, I'd say the earths magnetic field does affect TV monitors.
    Now a CME is another thing alltogether.

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    David Knisely's Avatar
    David Knisely Guest

    Default Solar storm etc

    "Martin Riddle" <> wrote in message news:<6AVpb.8975$>...

    You didn't read what I said. I used the word "significantly". I have
    not seen such a monitor of that size (a computer monitor, *not* a TV),
    and certainly have not seen a "switch" for northern and southern
    latitudes. I was operating my 19 inch monitor during the recent
    massive geomagnetic storm and noted no changes in its performance. In
    any event, if these TV's were not well shielded enough to kill off the
    very slight effects of the Earth's magnetic field, then things like
    nearby stereo speaker magnets or other appliances would be enough to
    cause problems as well, and I would not want to own such a
    poorly-designed set. Such a "switch" would be of limited use, as the
    orientation of the screen relative to the Earth's field direction
    would be a variable which would not be able to be compensated for by
    simply switching something. As for a "CME" they are a single event on
    the sun that ejects material into interplanetary space. They don't
    get into the Earth's atmosphere and are only factors in helping
    eventually to create a geomagnetic storm when that ejected material
    reaches the vicinity of the Earth's magnetosphere. Clear skies to

    David W. Knisely
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