Hi everybody, I'm beginner astronomer, i'm investigate some things in the space, like a cosmology and zodiac, with the some information about modern location of our planet's and star's at the milky way. And the question is, can I find some information about sun (and planet's) location regarding milky way, with precisely accuracy. I will give you some example of my confusing's about the picture's of our space formation. Today is the 12.12.19, astrology regard it to the Sagittarius time, but if you will look at the position of the sun you will notice that sun right now located somewhere near at the middle of milky way. I using some astronomer app's like a stellarium.org or another online map's of the space. One map show that the sun right now located right near at the beginning of middle milky way, near Above Scorpio constellation. But another online app's show that sun right now somewhere between Scorpio and Sagittarius. So I have confusing, because probably our astrology has deviation's , because probably sun just started coming through milky way, this mark the beginning of the winter time, so probably real zodiac sign's like Scorpio and Sagittarius relate to the winter time of our north pole.
I have more disturbing confusion existing in the astrology, the time of zodiac sign is different of a time when sun passing through constellation of this sign, I think this and previous deviation of sun location could be happen because of not precise time scale of our 365 day's in the year. So the real picture of space location, could show you that in the reality - winter regard to the our middle of milky way, summer regard to the Taurus-Auriga constellation which locate of the two edges of the different sides-edges of milky way. So the Sun walking at the false circle from the middle of the milky way to the illusion end of two sides which bring to us summer time.
So can you give me some suggestion's - from where I could find some precisely map's which could watching online our space and sun!?