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    t/Space approach seems great - much better than current CEVs. However,
    it appears that if both were to go ahead, the only advantage would be
    the benefit of not man rating the CEVs.

    There would be benefits if there was a low orbit space shed to be used
    for mission assembley, but the thinking towards a HLV means that's not
    needed. Perhaps for a Biglow hotel?

    Ideally, ESA should buy the concept, but it's not invented in France.

    Have you by any chance come across the vehicle performance and stage
    mass figures? If this isdeveloped, it could be a compettive way of
    launching small payloads to LEO.

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    On 2005-06-29, Alex Terrell <> wrote:

    Heh. On a slightly more serious note, "95th percentile" gets kicked
    around quite a bit here. Does anyone have numbers on what a 95th
    percentile adult male is currently considered to be? The numbers I found
    last time I looked seemed quite low (6'2"!), and on examination looked
    like they dated back to the early sixties...

    -Andrew Gray

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    My Child's (UK) health record book levels off at 19 years with

    99.6th: 196 cm
    98th: 191 cm
    91st: 186 cm
    75th: 182 cm
    50th: 177 cm
    25th: 173 cm
    9th: 168 cm
    2nd: 164 cm

    Our German health book only goes up to 5 years, but it appears that
    German kids are slightly taller. I'd expect a higher deviation in the
    US population due to a more diverse ethnic mix.

    The Russians once made excellent, cheap tanks. One of their secrets was
    to size them for something like the 5th or 10th percentile only.

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    Alex Terrell wrote:

    The don't think the words "excellent" and "Russian" should never be used
    together in regards to a tank. They made easily mass producable tanks
    that didn't cost a fortune, had admirably low silhouettes and were
    fairly serviceable; but even the vaunted T-34 had poor uncoated optics
    on its sighting system, and a lot of later designs proved very
    vulnerable in combat- as well as having problems like the T-62's
    tendency to throw treads, and the T-72's autoloader's ability to remove
    parts of the turret crew's bodies.
    Of course they were better than a Sheridan, but hell, even a Sherman may
    have been better than a Sheridan.
    I still wish they had continued down this road of tank design:
    The extrapolation of that concept to the 1990's would have been
    fascinating to behold.
    Completely worthless from a military point of view, but fun to see in
    May Day parades. :-)


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    "Douglas Holmes" <> wrote in message

    About the same time the Russian Kilper announced 2 pilots and 4 crew !
    Last week the Europeans mentioend they may assist the Russians with the
    design/build, etc.


    Yes, in part - it does.

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    "Tom Cuddihy" <> wrote in message
    When I hear this line of reason ... I am quickly reminded that this is the
    same line of reasoning in 1960s for the Saturn V usage for Apollo program's
    lunar missions .. ... rather than multiple Saturn 1B launches ....


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    Andrew Gray wrote:

    Anecdotally - I'm 6'3" and spend a lot of time at social dances, where
    everyone is standing up so it's easy to compare. When looking around a room
    with several hundred couples on the floor, I typically see 1-2 people my
    height or above. So 95th %ile sounds about right.

    ISTR that the average height in the US has actually been decreasing a
    bit recently, perhaps due to immigration and overall aging of the


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    Jon Leech <> wrote:

    US population charts: (white men, over age range) (black men, over age range) (hispanic men, over age range) (other men, over age range)

    I don't personally care so much about 95th percentile;
    every vehicle I design has to fit me, and I'm 6'4.5",
    and probably should fit my brother, who's 6'5" and 300 lb
    of muchly muscle.

    And most of them have to fit my wife, who's 4'11".

    -george william herbert

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    George William Herbert wrote:

    The two of you must make an impressive couple on the dance floor. :-)

    Jim Davis

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    George William Herbert wrote:

    Well, just stack your astronauts head to toe instead of
    side-by-side, and you and your wife should do just fine :-)


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