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Yes it is about the best thought out and documented science fiction that ever existed in cinema.
Lj3d: Avatar was an excellent movie, but whether it was the best documented that ever existed? Doubting that. For one thing, they missed the most obvious item that could have been showcased. The Alpha Centauri star system is a triple system and Alpha Centauri "B" could be visible in the skies of an earthlike planet in orbit around Alpha Centauri "A" at some points of the earthlike worlds rotation around the "A" star. There were no references I can recall and no visuals of how such a star system would look from a world in orbit around one of the main stars. I have envisioned it myself as accurately as possible so I was surprised when it didn't show up in this movie. Especially considering it didn't show up in the Babylon 5 series as well. Only so many chances for movies to do this and two really big chances were blown IMO. Babylon 5 and Avatar were made when CGI was available to do a double star scene in the daytime sky of this earthlike world which made it all the more puzzling to me.

Alpha Centauri "C" or Proxima Centauri, is too far away from "A" and "B" to be visible to unaided eyes in the possible earthlike worlds of either "A" or "B".