Alex is a very skilled observer. However on this occasion, he has not accounted for the very light polluted skies in Sao Paulo. Many of the targets will be near impossible or uninspiring in Sao Paulo's Bortle 9 light polluted skies. I would recommend that you don't frustrate yourself trying to view nebulae, galaxies or planetary nebulae from your balcony. Instead, spend your time on the Moon, planets, double star and open and globular clusters from your balcony. Then every now an again, treat yourself to a trip to a dark sky zone. Anywhere south of Peruibe should put you in very dark skies for viewing nebulae.

in the Southern Cross region, I recommend these open clusters
Jewel Box - beautiful colours in the stars
NGC 3532 - very condensed open cluster with hundreds of stars

NGC5139 or Omega Centauri
NGC104 or 47 Tucana
NGC 362

Try the fainter nebulae and galaxies from a dark site.

Best wishes