Hello all,

I just posted on my blog my last observation from my polluted skies made on last 30th August. We are from Colombia to China on next month of October and I'm afraid going to lose my favorites constellations in the southern sky: centaurus, crux and canopi. Well, new things are coming on but also seemed we are going to be really blessed because there are few light pollution in the area we are planning to live. With this coming on, I feel forced ( by myself) to change my blog's name because of course I want to endure my sketches and post them in the same blog.

I am asking you for Ideas about the name, so I would like to take in account the following:

1. Not specified locations (e.g. Chinese stargazing ) because I want to use it everywhere I go.
2. A cool name as possible.....
3. Easy to find in search engines (with common words or something like that).

Thanks a lot folks for your help, and I would like almost to beg you ....please visit my blog and let me know what do you think about it and about the info I posted in it.

Clear skies