Just got news from Mike that Australia Telescopes is Now Shipping Telescopes Mounts iOptron Baader to NZ New Zealand! note here:

Good news for NZ'ers and means they can get a great deal instead of paying more than double!

Why pay price: $949.00 for an E-R80 from a NZ store , you will not get ripped off and will get it for Austels price at $469.00!!! This is less than half price.

Shipping will be about $69-79 but will be fast shipment with tracking.

For the next few days please e-mail us with your order, but we should be able to setup special NZ shipping quotes and checkouts soon for ordering through the e-store.


I personally think this is amazing for beginners wanting a good deal in NZ, I have seen the prices in NZ and no doubt this will help beginners get a quality affordable telescope and mount.