I hope that one or more of the members in this group can assist me with a
problem that has arisen.
The question is too complicated for me to calculate and I have found too
many variables in the many astronomy programs that I've used.
I want to "pinpoint" the year when the three planets Mars, Jupiter, and
Saturn were in their following orbital locations:
First we are viewing from the north down onto our solar system...not from
the planet Earth.
Saturn is aligned with the Sun and Alnilam (center star of Orion's belt).
Jupiter is close to 35 degrees (2hr 20min) ahead of Saturn in orbit while
Mars is located about 225 degrees (15hrs) ahead of Saturn, but not as
critical as Jupiter's location. The year is in our past of approximately
2500 BC (4,500 years before present).
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanking you in advance.

Clive Ross
Toronto, Canada
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