Hi John,
I tried out my Daystar Quark chromosphere filter this morning, despite some clouds and slight wind - enough to move the eyepiece, I saw the sun's disc in H-alpha or is that the chromosphere. I saw small proms at several places and a larger one on the north east limb. I adjusted the dial on the quark but the proms seemed harder to see and clouds came in. i tried some imaging with my ASI120mm-S on my laptop and got 500 frames which I will have a go later. I am trying to practice getting the gain, exposure settings and to focus - hard to do without sunspots or something clearer than grey looking stuff. Still not doing a flats image as the polar alignment was not good enough today.
Image in 40mm eyepiece seemed to be a whole disc and it was very clear and crisp in H-alpha.
Fantastic device !! I am very pleased I bought it, wish I had done so years ago.....