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    Default ISS-Shuttle visibility?

    Earth orbiting satellites like the ISS and Shuttle are normally seen in
    reflected sunlight above the earth's terminator (shadow) while it's
    night on the ground. However I was watching the NASA channel the other
    day and I realized how much artificial lighting is now used on the
    outside of those two spacecraft when they are not in sunlight. This is
    mainly to improve the visibility for the crew, particularly during a
    spacewalk. This got me to wondering if anyone has ever seen the ISS or
    Shuttle pass over at night when they were *not* in sunlight? IOW- Is the
    artificial lighting on the outside of either spacecraft bright enough to
    be seen from the ground?


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    Default ISS-Shuttle visibility?

    In article <zpnGj.664$sR1.636@trndny08>, Flyguy <> wrote:

    Well, I'm not sure what I've seen, but I did observe something unusual
    in regards to the light coming from these two in orbit. This was not
    the latest shuttle flight that I'm referring to, the one prior. I normally
    watch them every evening flyover as weather allows, and their
    appearance has always been consistant. However, on one evening,
    I witnessed a very bright flash of light coming from the ISS/shuttle.
    It was almost as if it was flaring like an Iridium, and it could have
    very well been a reflection from perhaps an antenna that was being
    deployed, etc. What I saw was maybe 5-6 fairly fast, and very bright
    pulses of bluish-white light, and then the normal two objects continue
    on. The flashes came at about the first 1/3 of the pass. So, I don't
    know if this was artificial, or a reflection, but it was impressive!!


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    Default ISS-Shuttle visibility?

    On Mar 26, 4:01 am, Flyguy <> wrote:

    There have been quite a few observations of shuttles while they were
    completely within Earth's shadow. Here are some examples reported via

    Ted Molczan

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    For ISS and Shuttle passes check out Heavens-Above website.........
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