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    Default ISS tonight

    I know that this is no big deal but it really made my day.
    I have just come inside after viewing the ISS pass overhead.
    When I went outside a few minutes prior to the scheduled
    pass I was very disappointed because the sky has about 60%
    (maybe a little more) high cloud cover. Only a few stars
    were visible so I was not very optimistic about seeing ISS.
    From my viewing location on the east side of my house I
    need to add about a half minute or so to the predicted time
    of objects coming from the west for them to climb high enough
    to clear the roof of the house. Suddenly this VERY bright
    object hove into view. It was much too bright to be the ISS.
    Besides it was below the clouds..... or so I at first thought.
    I at first thought it to be an aircraft, but there were no
    flashing strobes or red and green running lights. It took
    me about half a minute to convince myself it was indeed the
    ISS. Time and path were a perfect match. It approached a
    darker and thicker layer of clouds and I then got one of the
    most beautiful sights I have ever had. As it passed behind
    the cloud it dimmed noticibly (but was still bright) and was
    surrounded by a beautiful "halo" effect. This continue until
    the transit behind the cloud ended and the ISS again
    brightened and continued on its way until it set to my NE.
    Heavens-Above predicted visible mag for this pass was -0.3.
    A very remarkable and totally enjoyable experience.
    Viewing location near Las Vegas, NV N39.2 W115.0 @ 2112PDT.

    (no email to header address, it is a dummy address)

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    Default ISS tonight

    In article < >,
    Tony Vinci <> wrote:

    I think it's always a big deal seeing a manned spacecraft! It
    really gets you thinking about what life must be like for them.

    I went out and saw ISS a few nights ago myself. Unfortunately,
    the following night--which would have given me a NOSS trio going
    one direction below ISS going the other direction--was clouded
    out. :-(




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