Recommended Telescope Refractors by Price Range

$1000 and less

Orion SkyView Pro 80mm ED Equatorial Refractor Telescope

Orion Premium 102mm F/7 ED Refractor

About $1000

80mm Apochromatic Orion Refractor Telescope - Skyview Pro 80 Eq with Goto


Orion Sirius 80ED EQ-G Refractor Telescope with GoTo Controller

4" / 100mm Refractor by Sky-watcher

Apochromatic 100mm ED 100 PRO SkyWatcher with EQ5 Pro Mount with $396 rebate

Around $2000

Sky-watcher 120mm (5") Apochromatic Refractor

Orion Sirius 100ED EQ-G Refractor Telescope with GoTo Controller


- Vixen ED103S Apochromatic Telescope with GD2 Mount

- Takahashi Refractors
- Vixen Refractors

Before buying a refractor make sure you read through the forums here, especially the refractor forum and the following threads:

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