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    Default I have the Orion SkyQuest XT10 Classic. I cant seem to find any DSO, how do I find...

    ...them? Can I see alot of deep sky objects in this telescope or do I need to get a bigger one? What is the best way to see alot of detail on jupiter? Filters?

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    You should be able to see a ton of DSO's. I have the Orion XT6 and have found about a third of the Messier list, as well as several NGC objects. If you are having trouble finding them check your finder scope alignment first. If the finder is not aligned you won't find anything. To do this find an object about 1/2 mile away (powerline poles, radio towers, water towers, and grain silos work well). Center the object in the main scope and then adjust your finder accordingly.
    As to specific DSO's I would start with the easy to find ones first. The Orion nebula in Orion's sword is easy, as is the great Hercules Cluster. There is a star cluster just below Sirius that is easy to find. Cassiopea and Sagitarious are loaded with star clusters. A plannisphere and star chart will help, as will some of the software you can download for free.
    Another thing I almost forgot about is to make sure you give your eyes time to dark adapt - you'd be surprised the difference a half hour can make.

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    When I align my finder scope I use an 8 mm eyepiece in main scope. Then I align the finder. I always go back and check target in main scope. I do this because quite often because I move the scope when trying to align the finder. Suggested eyepieces would 13 or 17 mm for viewing. If you have the eyepieces change them until you get one that pleases you. I have 2 filters 1 variable pokarizing filter 2 o111 filter. My eyepiece collection is ok now. I am working on filters now and a new focuser.



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