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    Default Japanese satellite fails to produce sky show

    Reuters: Flash: The impact of a Japanese satellite on the moon scheduled fro 4:20am WST June 11th was met by a avalanche of amatuer astronomers with dissapointment.

    The expected sky show did not eventuate as unbeknown too those intrepid souls who braved the elements in anticipation the Japanese engineers had incorporated 23 airbags into the satellite design which deployed successfully upon impact.

    The Japanese had not advertised this modification in case tests failed but are now considering incorporating this innovation for high speed impacts in the next Toyota/Nissan and Mitsubishi releases due in spring 2010.

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    So the Japanese scientists conveniently forgot to mention the presence of the twenty three airbags. I wonder if the Japanese scientists were able to obtain cheaper spacecraft collision insurance by incorporating the airbags into the space probe design? If so I would have expected to have seen television commercials by now touting the success of the airbag deployment. Has anyone seen a television commercial featuring a duck or a lizard walking on the moon?
    Twenty three airbags in your new Japanese manufactured motor vehicle scheduled to be released in the spring of 2010, huh? To me that is reminescent of the introduction of the first transistor radios where the advertising campaigns highlighted the number of transistors per radio.



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