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I start at the limb Carol , mentally noting what is in FOV , I then move the camera ( mounted on the EQ6 ) with the handset up slightly, trying to keep same amount of 'black' ( space ) at the edge . Slowly work around the whole outer area , then I start to work my way in to the middle. Exposure tends to change slightly , so I adjust if needed ( know your camera controls well ! ) . Take loads of raw images ( to account for seeing ) so you have plenty to work with.

This was a nine pane mosaic ...Nine Pane mosaic.

I have to say , IMHO, that Full Moons don't make great subjects. Now , if you shoot at a phased Moon , they are superb.

Clear Skies

Hi Pete,

Got it, work from the outside in. I remember your coloured mosaic, what I didn't pick up on was that it was your first attempt! ..... and done in ICE too!

Just got to ask what you mean about Full Moons not making great subjects? Is that because there is not really a terminator line to highlight lots of interesting detail? Your nine pane mosaic is almost a full moon isn't it? I think it looks fantastic.

Have you done any more since then?

Clear skies