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    Good evening folks,
    Last week I posted a question about the differences between ETX-90 and
    ETX-105. I bought an 105 and I'm very happy with it.
    I have a question. I heard about the problem to internal wires if the pass
    the stop point.
    My questions are:
    - Is the problem only when the motor is locked with the scope, or if is
    unlocked I can turn indefinitly?
    - When I turn on the telescope, it seems like without a physical stop then
    the wires... is it correctly?
    - Which is the correct position to star the scope? I means, is there a
    position to start or neutral?
    Thanks a lot,


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    Default ETX-105 Stops

    "Daniel Skydog" <> wrote in message

    My ETX-105, bought within the last four weeks, has 2 firm stops on the azimuth
    axis. (i.e. Each feels like a physical stop rather than winding up the slack in
    a cable!) Haven't opened the base yet...
    Release the azimuth motor drive. Turning the OTA counter-clockwise, one stop is
    when the tube is just beyond the control panel. From there, I can turn the OTA
    one and three-quarter turns clockwise.

    I start the by setting the correct tripod leg pointing north, level the top, and
    and mount the 'scope.
    I then set the 'scope to its zero position by going counter clockwise to the
    1st. stop, and then clockwise about 120deg. with the the OTA set pointing
    between the two "buttons" on the sides of the azimuth housing, and with the tube
    horizontal. I then engage the azimuth drive and check the tightness of the
    elevation lock.
    Hope this helps.

    Did you not receive the instructions for your 'scope? They're probably
    downloadable from the Meade website.
    M Stewart
    Milton Keynes, UK

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    Default Stops

    Visit Mike Weasner's Mighty ETX Site -- read the articles on alignment, ask
    a question if necessary.

    Joe S.

    "Daniel Skydog" <> wrote in message



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