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    Default Telescope letters what do they mean?

    Can someone explain to me what the following letters mean?
    I'm seeing the telescopes listed as:


    where xx is EC/RA/AT

    What do these letters mean?

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    Default Telescope letters what do they mean?

    "Matt" <> wrote in message om...
    They don't really 'mean' anything. They are just product codes (like GT on a
    motor car...). The models are:
    RA = has a basic 'clock' drive, and hand controller. Can only 'track' stars
    when equatorially mounted. Can be very cheap.
    EC = full 'GoTo' drive and Autostar controller.
    AT Seems to be a 'new name', basically for the EC....
    I suspect the 'AT', is because Meade seem to be shifting to calling all
    their basic GoTo models 'AT', and so have changed the lettering on the ETX
    series. If you go to their website, you will find the first 'product' page,
    has a tab labelled for the ETX90EC, yet when you select this, the page you
    get is labelled for the ETX90AT. They have just 'renamed' the series.
    However the 'AT', normally ships with a steel tubular tripod, while the EC
    used to ship with an aluminium tripod, and the new tripod is quite a lot

    Best Wishes

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    Default Telescope letters what do they mean?

    RA = Right Ascension (for the drive scheme)
    EC = Electronic Controll(er)
    AT = Automatic Tracking

    37.52 N
    121.98 W

    "Matt" <> wrote in message om...



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