Hi people.
I had a broken gear in my RA gear drives (plastic)
Which I replaced and thought that would be the end of the issue.
While I was in the mount I cleaned up the grease and used white lithium grease as the new grease and also did this in the Dec gears.
I took out the slop on the mount due to bolts coming undone.
I made sure to only tighten a little so everything still moves freely but now I have random skewing mistakes when testing the mount.
Inthe RA drives the mount seems to judder in all speeds but max speed and also now spins even when the clutch is unclamped.

Also now on the DEC gears where only the grease was replaced, I now have stutter in the gears with the scope on or off the mount.
If skewing in slower speed it sounds as if something is sticking and when slewing up at low speed it suddenly starts slew at max speed but only does this while using the up arrow.

Any ideas as to what is going on as I am fully at a loss and kind find any similar situations.
The light sensors are clear and free of dust.
Also I have looked at pretty much every piece of info regarding tune ups and repairs and none really help when putting the mount back together and are very vague when talking about how tight things should be.