Hi y'all,

So I'm brand-new to narrowband imaging, and excited by the prospect of imaging from my house instead of the Back of Beyond. I've managed one incredibly lucky image by dint of yanking the mount to "about north" and racking the focuser to "oh, that looks like 42mm or so".

How lucky? Well, I'm too new here to post links, so try rickwayne.zenfolio.com/deepsky and look at the Horsehead images at the end. <waits> I know, right? It's like a toddler running out with My First Point-And-Shoot and coming back with a Pulitzer. I got lucky so many ways I can't even count them with that frame.

Unwilling to trust so blindly to luck in the future, though, I'd like to actually polar align, even though I can't see Polaris from my yard. I probably want to use "Polar Iterate Align" from the manual. My question: Does it help to do a one-, two-, or even three-star alignment first? I suspect that the improved GOTO accuracy for the polar alignment sequence would reduce the cursing level, but have never actually tried it.

Many thanks, O Vets of iOptron.