I had planned a home observatory, but the boss said NO. We have two sheds now, a garden shed and a "she shed" and lots of trees. I have a observing platform setup in the back corner of my yard where I have a gap in trees.

I am looking for ideas on what you do to protect your gear and computer both during and after observing. Due to my health issues totally breaking down is really not an option. Currently I keep my Skywatcher EQ6-R Pro and often one of my refractors, set up under two Telegizmo covers, the tripod one and the mount one. I keep my computer in a storage box along with my other telescopes and gear. During the winter I bring cameras and Quark and PC inside but leave the mount out and the scopes in the storage box in case of a good day or night for observing.

I am thinking of a couple of different things, well at least 3, first would be a second "trash can" storage box to hold a table and observing chair and PC, the stuff I sometimes leave out (except for the PC), another is a box say 3' wide by 4' high 2' deep with a door next to the telescope that I would keep the PC set up in during the season and during a session, especially solar where you need to shield the screen from light. and the third at this point is a "roll off" box covering the scope and mount, it would roll off on rails or something (would still need the ok from the wife, it is the golden rule "she with the gold makes the rules") I am hoping that at some point I can convince here (and the town zoning board) that I could setup a small resin or metal tool shed that is held down but not "permanent" but for now looking for ideas.

Oh and my skies are Bortle 8 so while I try to do binocular observing with only being able to visually see down to mag 2.4 I have trouble finding objects.

What ideas are you using?