World Wide Telescope

  1. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    Download THIS, it's awesome ! you gotta check this out www.hubblesite newscenter.THANK YOU I'm thinking this should be my very first " STICKY " ENJOY
  2. Southernskies10
    been using it for about a year now.. It is great when the weather sucks and you cannot see anything 1st hand. I like the tours - it really gives one a perspective of what you are looking at through the scope when you do get back to the real thing!
  3. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    Awesome tool for learning the nightsky, especially when dealing with disabilities. The views on WWT are Space Telescope images including Hubble and Spitzer, Amateur telescope wouldn't give you those views as we 've got atmospheric conditions.We can dream though, enjoying life through the eyepiece . I've come far in my viewing , atmospheric condition , seeing, technique, eyepiece selection and eye position proves to be key in getting the better view . Keep your eye to the sky friend
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