Tweeks to A Z10

  1. Southernskies10
    Come on guys and Girls - how about some news of tweeks and mods you hav done on these scopes. Z8/10/12 I added dolly wheels to mine --- takes the pain out of lifting the base and OTA everytime I want to drag the scope out..

    I also want to add new EP holder that holds 3 x 2" EPs and a few 1.25" EPs... pain to keep having to juggle EP's

    Any comments on tube flocking, painting mirror sides,,,

    Next mod is to add setting circles - will wait until winter to get that done when we have some cloudy nites --- sky too good currently

    Welcome any comments, ideas, photos etc..
    Clear Skies and happy star gazing!
  2. mlk1950
    I built a dolly for my Z10. Also added the rubber guiding knob, setting circles, Telrad with 4" riser. Also added thumbscrews to the secondary for easier adjustment. Heavier springs and better adjusting knobs to the primary.
  3. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    I bought a hand truck $26 for moving it all around the backyard and wrapped my Z10 with black felt from Walmart $6 and some black Duck tape$3.35 takes care of dew problem.I've tried to post pic's but having problems,so I posted them on my facebook timeline.
  4. dlavall
    • Replaced the springs in the mirror cell with stronger ones
    • Added plastic washers made from milk jug material to the secondary and now it is much easier to collimate
    • Lined the interior of the OTA with flockboard (from Protostar) for insulation to reduce tube currents and guard against stray light

  5. Raney
    What's the best way to add setting circles...short of spending 200 bucks on a Halo?
  6. Ghenster
    10 minutes with a router and a sheet of 19mm ply will get you something looking like a blank Halo.
    Another 30 minutes carefully scribing it and your accuracy should easily be better than 1 degree, a cheap toy compass to point it in approximately the right direction, a red light and a pointer and you are in business.
    Now, can anyone explain to me what benefit these is in getting the setting circle level with the little adjuster feet? seems totally pointless to me unless your OTA is waaay out of balance and pulls the whole thing round
  7. synfinatic
    Ghenster: For the setting circles to be accurate, you need to have the base level. Hence the adjuster feet & bubble level on the Halo.
  8. PhotoBiker
    I downloaded and printed the 22" setting circle for the base I found off the web. I went to Staples and had them print it on vinyl paper, I cut it out and used 3M spray adhesive to mount to my base. Cut a notch out and put some magnetic tape to hold a bent paperclip. For my Alt, I bought a digital level from The Home Depot (I get a 10% military discount). For leveling, I intend to make a leveling base out of some scrap 3/4" ply I have in the work shop and put three Tee nuts with leveling feet. I can then set the dob base on this leveling base and I'm good. I'm dragging my feet right now as we are about to have our driveway ripped up and redone. My leveling problems might be solved that way.
  9. PhotoBiker
    Our "new driveway" did solve my leveling issues and my "leveling base project" faded into obscurity. Last night was the first night I wheeled my Z10 out onto the grass so I could see above some trees that are too close to the driveway. We have incredible conditions forecasted for the next two nights and I am planning on taking the Z10 to my viewing area that has great dark views of the north sky (I have a house and too many trees at home to see much below 60° at home). I am going to wish I created that leveling base now.

    I have added a metal strip to the base to hold a magnetic pencil holder I bought from Staples. This is to keep my sketching supplies close by. I also bought a cheap flexible gooseneck arm with a clamp at one end and JBWelded PVC end cap at the other, this holds a small clipboard with a JBWelded piece of PVC for sketching.
    Honestly the best thing I've added is my observing chair, it has made viewing way more relaxed. I wish I'd done that years ago.
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