Paracorr type 2 for Dobscopes

  1. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    I own a Z10, it's a very good visual Telescope,the field of view would get blurry as you drifted farther from center and I couldn't remove my fingers from the focuser knobs cause I had to keep focusing to have a clearer view. I heard through this forum about a paracorr, I had no idea what it was or what it did to improve Dobsonian scopes.I read up on it and not only does it illiminafe aberation but it will also magnify your ep 1 1/2 times ,That means a 2 fer and also adds clarity in my Zhumell ep's That's a 3 fer. Dob owners this is something you may want to consider dopwn the road after you've spent hundreds of dollars on ep's.
  2. mlk1950
    I'd like to learn more about it!
  3. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    MLK1950, this is an occular that Dob owners should have in there Telescope pkg. when purchased ,but that would probably detour people from buylng . My Paracorr type 2 was a Birthday xmas pressent combined,I'll post pictures sometime today or tomorrow and go into more detail about how it works and I even used a barlow 2X ED with it Imagine that SuperDuper magnification on really faint objects and Neblae cores and Lunar and planetary surfaces. The price of this occular is in my opinion worth it but that's my opinion . I've read in the clasified on this forum where somebody was selling their Paracorr, oh I guess he needed the money,but until you know what you have,you won't know what you've lost.
  4. mlk1950
    Yes, I looked at it over at Tele Vue and It's pricey, but sounds like it gives you really good views.
  5. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    It's not what I expected at all but, the Zoom came in a tiny box w/bubble wrap around the Zoom EP and the Paracorr was secured in its box with hard foam padding and they came together in one box pack very well so they didn't move. I also had to sign for it and they were sent directly from TeleVue. The Paracorr is very well made and has weight to it and the Zoom has weight to it also. The sign of good craftmanship. I tried over and over to post pics into groups but after 2 days gave up and ended up posting to Profile and changed Avatar. For what they did for my scope the price isn't all that much considering that I could have got 5 EP's and still not have got the ease of use that the TV 's gave me considering that I only can use one of my arms due to childhood accident. I'm happyKeep your eye to the sky
  6. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    MLK1950, I wish I could figure out how to get my photo's from my new notebook w/windows 8 to post them on the groups that I belong to. Any suggestions will be appreciated. I figured out how to get my avatar and profile pic's but, this group pic's aludes me everytime .Keep your eye to the sky
  7. mlk1950
    I thought maybe just ckick on the Insert Image tab, but you have to have a URL for that. I don't know. Wish I could help!
  8. Southernskies10

    Hi Guys - seems you having a problem with loading photos. You have to upload the photos to the forum (in your profile) before you can add them into the text.
  9. Southernskies10
    I just went to the profile section and looked at how I uploaded my own photo albums. At the top of the page you have the tab "Profiles" click on this and it opens a new page with all your own personal information. Browse down the page until you see "ALBUMS - More " on the left hand side. When you click on "more" it will open with create an album, The process is quite easy and painless, and will take you to your own PC files so you can select photos off of your PC/ data stick that you wish to place in the Album.. I have created a few albums - such as Eyepieces - scopes etc, Once this is done - each time you wish to add a photo to a message, when you click on "my photos" at the lower left of the message youre typing -- it will open the photo albums you have uploaded. I do hope that helps.
  10. Southernskies10
    Meant to add that when you select a photo from your album after clicking on "MY PHOTOS"... the photo you select will show as a URL in the text while you type your message. As soon as the message is posted - the URL will convert to the photo you selected... like this...
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