Paracorr type 2 for Dobscopes

  1. mlk1950
    That's easy enough. Thanks for the info.
  2. Southernskies10
  3. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    Thanks southernskies , I'll sure give it a try . Everytime I drag a photo over to the place where it tells you , the previous photo disappears. I'm not computer literate and having a new notebook w/windows 8 I'm really lost coming from a XP program .
  4. mlk1950
    My wife just got a laptop with Windows 8 on it, and we don't like it. I just ordered Windows 7 to put on her laptop to replace it.
  5. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    MLK, That sounds like a good idea but,I'll give what southern sky said and see if that doesn't do it, I think I was going at it the wrong way and frustrating myself
  6. Southernskies10
    I must say - I had the same issues coming from XP -- Windows 7 was something from another planet -- and it took me some time to learn all the new ways to do things.. Windows 7 I can now handle -- although I still do not like the windows explore function as much as the XP version.. Then again.. it's just about getting to know the new twists and turns -- soon we will have it waxed... and then they will change it all again just so they can confuse us all over again!!
  7. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    HA HA HA that's a good one , That just made my day after reading that. I dabbled a little last night,but I'll try again. Keep your eye to the sky
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