Want to upgrade my "iphone photos."

  1. lert311
    Hi everyone. I'm a backyard astronomer with a Z8. Almost every time I view, I end up snapping pictures of Jupiter, Saturn, or the moon with my iPhone camera. For those that have done this, you know how hard is it to get the object to even show up (angle of camera, etc.) before you need to re-adjust. And even then, I find the details are blown out. I have a Canon DSLR (eos, xt or xti) and have done enough research to know I need a T-adapter, but can anyone lend me some basic starter advice on what to grab? I also have a couple of questions.

    Does the camera hook up to the view finder or to an eyepiece? If the former, where do we get mag from?

    Are there any other filters, or parts besides the T-adapter?

    Lastly, any tips once I get everything I need? I've heard recording video is best for getting a good image of the planets.

    Thank you.
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