Paracorr type 2 has taken my Z10 to a new level w/3mm-6mm Nagler zoom

  1. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    I'm very pleased with what I can do in poor seeing conditions , I can only imagine what I'll achieve on a good seeing night.I had maybe an hour before the thick clouds moved in,but before they did I viewed the full moon and THE BIG RED SPOT popped out on Jupiter with my new Nagler 3mm-6mm C/S Zoom.Great views, details were fantastic,the ease of c/s smooth,Paracorr the whole field is the "Sweet Spot"edge to edge clarity.My Z10 is in a whole new league of scopes now.Highly recommend it for fast Dobsonian scopes, you won't be dissappointed. I'm a believer now.Keep your eye to the sky
  2. Southernskies10
    This is a 3 - 6mm zoom EP? I am looking for one more to fill the low end FL EP list I have and this might just suit my need. Is it 2" or 1.25" barrel?
  3. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    It's a 1 1/4 Barrel size, it's a high power zoom for Planetary observing but I use it for a whole lot more DSO observing. It's very well made with excellent optics.
  4. PhotoBiker
    I've been kicking around the idea of this TV zoom. I have to work out the vibration issues with my dob first (well, it's me really)
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