My birthday 's the 13th

  1. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    I'm getting Birthday and XMAS combined,so after talling all the cash it's unanimous TV/NAGLER 3-6 Zoom for Planetary along w/deep sky exploration.I'll let all read about my endeavor,I'm so excited I just had to let you all know before my head exploded 12/13 65
  2. dodgerm37
    Many happy returns! Bob
  3. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    Bob, What are you referring to by many happy returns! I forgot to mention the "PARACORR 2" that's coming with it.I'm getting the scope stuff that I couldn't afford otherwise I got the best peeps on the Planet to get me that.keep your eye to the sky
  4. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    Thanks Bob, The returns are amazing took my cannon and shot Jupiter and its moons. AWESOME ! 3-6 zoom and barlow made Jupiter {in my face} FESTOONS SEPERATED like I've never seen it before one great occular .
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