Newbie gets a Z10

  1. Nejedljf
    Wife and I are looking forward to Z10 arrival next week. Just getting started up in Northeast Wisconsin.
  2. tglenn
    I just got the 12" model about a month ago and love it! From the pictures I have seen of the older ones all of the changes are great improvements.
    I don't really like the laser though, I bought the collimating eyepiece from Orion. I use the laser to exercise my dogs.
  3. Nejedljf
    I'm in the same boat with the collimating laser. I could not believe how quickly the batteries ran down. They are three very small batteries and cost almost $6 to replace. Then I struggled with getting the collimator alligned. I may have to look for a different solution. Might have a new cat toy soon.
  4. mmmstars
    My laser still works, the problem is that it doesn't fit in the eye piece right. You kind've have to hold it there to be accurate.

    Grats on the new Z10 Nej! My Z12 just came in yesterday
  5. outdoorsfellar
    Hello all ! I just found this group. I don't really care for the laser, so I went with the Cheshire.... no batteries
  6. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    Welcome to the party,you'll enjoy the Z10 very nice views.Let's here all about the "WOW" moment that your going to have.keep your eye to the sky
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