New Springs?

  1. AdamDietrick
    Just like everyone else, I have noticed that the springs on the primary mirror are too weak to hold culmination. Any suggestion on how/where to get replacements?
  2. AdamDietrick
    I forgot to list the model- Z10 Deluxe dob.
  3. kevin sydney
    kevin sydney
    Are they not holding it while your using it,or just when u move it.
    In this movie,the author states on bigger scopes,he has to collimate every time he uses it.

    Since i built my cheap little hand truck,i have not had to adjust mine the last 3 times i took it out,and had a great pattern when i star tested it.The last time i put the laser on mine,once it was adjusted i equally tightened the other 3 set screws.It seems to be holding fine.

    good luck
  4. AdamDietrick
    I have to collimnate it every time I take it out. According to the review I have read, this is really the only down fall of the scope. However, many reviewers have claimed to have replaced the springs with some heavier one and had the problem completely solved.
  5. tglenn
    Scopestuff has a spring kit as well as better secondary and primary screws.
  6. AdamDietrick
    Would it be #CSS2 on this page? Also, how have they improved the screws?
  7. AdamDietrick
    The representative from Scopestuff confirmed that the part I needed was the #CSS2 and he informed me that these springs don't actually replace the old ones-- they fit inside them.
  8. tglenn
    The larger Zs can have a problem with friction causing the mirror to rest above the screws if the scope is not near vertical while collimating.
    Removeing and tossing the lock screws is also a good idea.
  9. AdamDietrick
    Thanks tglenn. I got the springs today and got them installed. Time will tell if they are strong enough to hold the scopes collimation.
  10. tglenn
    Please let us know....tightness is not always good! The mirror needs to float, don't pinch it.
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