New Springs?

  1. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    T GLENN, how's the 12"holding up ,I've g,ot the 10" and it's holding it's own.I've got billions of miles on it and a loose screw here and there.I hadn't noticed that the mirror springs were bad on these scopes I'm sure glad your educating these folks on over tightening the adjustment screws is not good for collimation is it? I't just won't center up. I had bought a Paracorr type 2 and a Nagler zoom for it with birthday and x-mas money. My first session tonight I noticed that the Double cluster in Andromeda has Nebulosity in its core,I was using, now get this 416 power with my Nagler ,yea 3mm that's insane isn't it but with the fine tune knob on my focuser it came in clear.We North Carolinians have a crisp n clear night tonight..Keep your eye to the sky Zhumellian friend.
  2. mlk1950
    Turns out, the springs had more coils than stock springs thus creating coil bind and not compressing far enough. It was moving my focus point farther up my OTA. I emailed Tony at the "Astronomy shoppe" where I bought the kit, and he issued me a refund on the springs. He was great to deal with and very understanding. He didn't even reqiure me to send the springs back. Class act all the way! I wouldn't hesitate to buy from him again at all.
  3. dlavall
    I see this thread is old; however, I too found the stock springs too weak. The 10" F5 I had prior to this one had a much better cell. The springs supplied enough tension that no "set screws" were needed. Anyway, as a new owner of a Z10, I did beef these up, and I too got the focus problem. I only need to pull out the E.P. about 1/8-1/4 inch, but I am going to see if I can do anything to remedy the situation.

    Regarding calibration, I've owned several dob/newtonians and I have always had to collimate them every time I set them up.

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