New Springs?

  1. dcbrown73
    Hmm. I haven't had an issue with collminating my Z10 really. I do have to do it almost every time I bring it out, but it's done in less than two minutes normally. (occasionally it is spot on without collminating)

    My question is this. I have six screws at the bottom of the scope. They are two sets of three screws. One set is very lose and easy to turn when collminating. The other set is very hard to turn.

    They look kind of like this, except they are hand screws, not Phillips screw driver screws. As you can see, three and bigger and two are smaller. Mine are this way also. I think the bigger ones are much harder to turn than the smaller ones.

    Is this the way it is supposed to be? As I said, it really hasn't caused me to much trouble except sometimes it's very hard to turn them. (I worry about putting undue pressure on the mirror.)
  2. sdtopensied
    I realize it's a little late for the advice, but for the benefit of those that follow:

    I took one of the springs from my Z12 down to Ace Hardware to find a suitable replacement and walked out with three replacement springs for just under $3.00.

    I have to collimate it after the ride to and from my local astronomy club's dark sky site, but that's about it. The upgraded springs make a big difference. They're strong enough that I don't even use the locking screws anymore.

  3. sdtopensied
    To answer your question, DCBrown, your scope looks a bit different than mine. My scope has white screws knobs (locking screws) and black knobs (collimation screws). Other than the difference in the heads of the screws, it looks the same as mine. Looks like the larger knobs are the collimation screws. If you make sure to loosen the locking screws before adjusting the collimating screws, you should be good.

  4. sdtopensied
    I took one of the springs down to Ace Hardware and found replacements for about 33 cents each. No mirror flop, no loss of collimation below 45 degrees, and I rarely need to collimate it after transporting it out to our club's dark sky site.

    Highly recommended upgrade.
  5. Blackhorse11th
    Do you have the spring spec's for the Ace springs?

    larry in Minnesota
  6. mlk1950
    This place has stainless steel 22lb. upgrade springs for Zhumells.
    Dob Kits
  7. mlk1950
    I ordered the Zhummel upgrade kit from The Astronomy Shop. It has new colimating screws for the secondary (thumb screws), screws for the primary and stainless steel springs. Do you install the springs one at a time, or can you do them all at once? Never done this before and don't want the primary to be dropping or anything bad like that. Here is the place I bought them from: Dob Kits
    Thanks Mike
  8. mlk1950
    I put in the new heavier springs, which of course are larger wire diameter. Now after I collimate with the cheshire and get everything dialed in, I can't get it to focus properly. I have to pull the eyepiece out slightly to get halfway decent focus. Could this be because the springs won't compress as far, thus moving the primary farther forward. It seems I had better collimation with the stock springs.
  9. CosmoJoe
    mlk, yes that is exactly what is happening. trying compressing the springs completely and then loosen as needed to collimate. If this does not help then I'm afraid the springs need to be trimmed down slightly.
  10. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    T GLENN, how's the 12"holding up ,I've g,ot the 10" and it's holding it's own.I've got billions of miles on it , I had bought a Paracorr type 2 and a Nagler zoom for it with birthday and x-mas money. I'd posted before that I broke off a screw on my focuser but,noticed tonight that the little nut was loose.Have you noticed that as the object gets farther from center that you need to refocus all the way to the edge? Well not any more for me ,the Paracorr is edge to edge clarity.Sorry for rambling,My first session tonight I noticed that the Double cluster in Andromeda has Nebulosity in its core.We North Carolinians have a crispn clear night tonight.I 'm going to check on m31 and m42 and try for emission Nebulae that I haven't viewed .Keep your eye to the sky
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