The Best Thing I've Seen with My Zob (Post Yours!)

  1. AdamDietrick
    I just got mine on Tuesday, and last night I finally realized the power of the 2" eyepiece (the one that came with the scope) for locating more objects. (I use the phrase "more difficult" very loosely, this is my first big scope and I don't yet have the knack for locating DSOs.)

    Anway, here's the format: list your Zhumell model, the object that you found, and then give details. This should those looking getting a Zhumell and idea of what they can expect out of their new scopes, and it will definitely help us DSO newbies find new targets to aim for.

    Zhumell Z10 Deluxe Dobsonian, M3 Globular Cluster. My room mate and co-astronomer found this with the included 32mm 2" eye piece and though he was seeing a cloud. I instantly recognized it as a globular cluster and bumped up to a Celestron 9mm eyepiece and it resolved into individual stars. I could barely see it with my 4mm eyepiece, so I switched back to the 9mm. Next time I will try a 6mm and see what it looks like.
  2. Heirwalker
    I see cool stuff all the time that I've seen before with smaller scopes but are like seeing brand new things with the Zobber. Last night the coolest things that I seen were the "Omega Nebula", and M22 in Sagittarius. M22 kind of shocked me because there were a lot of other smaller Globulars that I was seeing in Sagittarius then I stumbled upon that one and it dwarfed the entire bunch. M13 is pretty much known as the beast Globular in our skies but M22 has to be a legitimate contender with it. I commonly as of late have been turning the scope towards the Lagoon Nebula but last night was the first time that I seen the Omega Nebula in the Zob. I thought it was awesome, seemed brighter than the other nebula's in the area, very wispy looking. I also like the dumbbell nebula in Sagitta.
  3. kevin sydney
    kevin sydney
    I have a ZOl0B.
    One of the coolest things i've seen is M51,since i saw it from my
    light polluted back yard only one time.It was very washed out,which raised the cool factor of finding it in the first place.
    The coolest event i've had was the milky way july 4th.Unusually clear skies
    made for great viewing of the sag and scorp region.

    happy hunting
  4. craterdavy
    The coolest thing I have seen with my 8" (baby Zhuey) is the trap in the Orion nebula,.using my Baader zoom and cranking it up from 24mm to 8mm was indeed a treat.,watching it come in at me and then open up was amazing.,.can't wait for it to come around again,.,O+O
  5. K&K_Dad
    ehhrm: Z8Dlux, found M57 this evening. Was my first nebula so I was kinda taken aback not knowing what it was .This was seen next to a LP heavy light wall to the NW and a sodium vapor sec. light behind us. Was seen with an array of EP's and could faintly make out the inner void. Now that I found it it'll be easier the next time.
  6. carnevali
    I love M13 myself in my Z10. It's best when the power is cranked up, 7mm or 5mm Nagler, with a wide field of view and about 180x and 250x. I have also caught three quasars in it: 3C-273 in Virgo, at mag 12.5, Markarian 421 in Ursa Major, mag 13.1, and BL Lac in Lacerta, at an incredible magnitude 14.7 or dimmer. Another pretty one: M57 the ring nebula: I look for the dim stars around it as well, at mag 13 - 14.6. Polaris is always easy and always impressive to me, but I've also split some close double stars, Izar recently, with a 2.8 arcsec separation. In the Spring I split Porrima, 1.4 arcsec apart, both doubles very pretty.
  7. Waldo211
    Got M15, M57 & M31/M32 all in one night. I'd say M15 was my favorite through the Z8. Was supprised I could actually isolate some stars from the cluster instead of just a hazy patch from my white zone as was M56.
  8. K&K_Dad
    A couple of days ago I finally found M31, M110 and I must say it was nice. I could almost make out the tiniest hint of a lane w/averted vision. It really was something nice to see.
  9. tglenn
    Lots of globulars, ring, orion, owl,eagle, lagoon and trifid nebulas. It's all cool.
  10. Pingu
    I've had my Z10 for several days now and I've been very please with it. But the most spectacular sight I've had has to be last nights session, the ~20+ galaxies between the Constellations Virgo and Coma Berenices. Looks like I may be occupied with this section of the sky for a while.
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