The Best Thing I've Seen with My Zob (Post Yours!)

  1. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    The best thing?That's really hard to determine cause there is not a whole lot that I haven't seen.The planets are super cool and the Lunar surface is just "awe" .Bright stars are awesome,I really enjoy Nebulae and Galaxies ,but when you take your scope to the upper limit of magnification"That my friends is where it really gets interesting,but those are rare and not to mention what I 've got to go through just to get to that view.Be patient and don't get frustrated and one day the Atmosphere will cooperate,everything comes together and you can't believe your eyes.Your day will come,maybe tomorrow?Keep your eye to the sky those are the best views in the Cosmos
  2. Telrad
    The best or at least one of the coolest things I've seen is comet garrard. I'm not sure if that's spelled correctly but it was pretty cool finding it in the sky!
  3. WileECoyote
    the best thing i have seen so far was the transit of Venus in June. It may not have been the hardest thing to see but the fact I was one of a select few on this rock that not only got to see it but see it live was a great feeling.
  4. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    Let me start with m31 in Andromeda,m43 in Orion,m78 between Betelgeuse and Orion and the Cone nebula.I also enjoy clusters w/ nebulosity IC1805 and1848 they are quite a delight to view.Keep your eye to the sky
  5. mlk1950
    The best things I've seen so far is M1,M31,M32,M42,Double Cluster and various open clusters, which are all fantastic. But the one so far is I think that has really got me hooked is M3 the Globular Cluster. It's just an amazing sight.
  6. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    I enjoy everything that the EP catches , I really got charged when I caught M31,M32 /,M42,M43 The same night practically diagonally across from each other in different parts of the sky WOOHOO I'm on a roll friends. Can't stop me now , The other night I was out freezing at the EP shooting Betelguese, m42,43,Galaxies and Jupiter and I shot the Cannon at Metis 74,000 mi. Galilean moon closest to Jupiter the largest gas giant in our neck of the woods . It was a beautiful night
  7. jamesplata
    i had my z8 less than an hour including assembly and spotted jupiter its bands and 4 moons within the first try 9mm without finder aligning it with the ota while i was laying on the ground it was way more accurate lol granted jupiter is easy to spot but hey with a broken focus no finder and first time and all right before the clouds came rolling in. pat on the back now to get the focus fixed or replaced so i can actually get down to some real buisness!
  8. helicon64
    The best thing I've seen with my Z10 is NGC 4595 - the Needle Galaxy. It appeared to just float in space with an almost 3D view, just great!
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