The Best Thing I've Seen with My Zob (Post Yours!)

  1. Cladinator
    It's hard to say. I haven't seen M31 through the Zob yet so I think I'd have to go with M57 and M13.
  2. sdtopensied
    M8, the Lagoon Nebula, in the Summer and M42, the Orion Nebula, in the Winter.

    I've gone to all 2" eyepieces and filters and I love the views. A 32 mm, a 16 mm, and a barlow are all I need!

    The M57, the Ring Nebula, is pretty awesome too.

    With manual setting circles, finding DSO's is like shooting fish in a barrel.

    I love my Z12!
  3. sdtopensied
    I forgot to mention that I watched the shadow of Ganymede transit Jupiter this weekend. Very cool!
  4. dodgerm37
    In one night my Z 10 showed me Saturn, Venus and the Orion Nebula. What a night. Bob
  5. Jimi
    I have just upgraded from a Z8, which was awesome; to a Z12, which is more awesome. M13 just popped, what a difference. The Ring showed even greater definition in my light polluted skies and I have seen more stars in the double cluster than I have seen... I am dumbfounded, what a lovely instrument.

    I am a big fan!
  6. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    Friday was a really good night for viiewing,humidity was yellow seeing was exceptional.I caught my second fireball meteor which is always a treat,M31 was the best that I have ever seen it,It surprised me as I was expecting a grey cloud.Not on this night,very impressive it was somewhat like looking at an astro pic ,almost but I did my best with what I have in my coozee cooler[what I keep my ep's ,fiters etc..] I started with a 30mm wide field w/Olll, then once I located it ,I put a 9mm in to bring it in like a big fish,but this one didn't get away. To bad I can't afford the Asto gear would've made a nice pic, Andromeda in all her glory.Keep your eye to the sky Zhumell Z10 even though it was a dark night 11pm a uban sky filter / Olll still need to be used
  7. Blackhorse11th
    The Orion Neb was my wow moment usiing a Z12.
    larry in Minnesota
  8. sportsmed
    I would say Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, M13, M57, M31, M8, M42, the double cluster, along with the Swan, Dumbell, and cat's eye nebulas.
  9. warren page
    warren page
    A couple months ago i picked up the z1o and love it.The 2" eyepiece is great.I've been watching Jupiter and the 4 moons the past couple of nights.A wonderful piece of equipment.
  10. mlk1950
    I had my Z10 out the other night and was just kinda scanning around with the 30MM EP in and I had one of those WOW moments. I came across a double open star cluster in the northeastern sky. It looked like someone threw a big handful of diamonds on a big sheet of black velvet. Now I know why these are called light buckets.
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