Pulling the trigger on another Z12?

  1. denebdude
    hello all,
    i just sold a z12 before last xmas as i needed the funds, and i told
    myself i wanted to upgrade to a Lightbridge 16, and now i'm thinking
    of jumping on a very nice modified Z12 that has come up for sale in
    the area. the more i read about how heavy the Lightbridge and Skywatcher
    16's are, the more i think the Z12 is about all i can handle. the Explore Scientific
    16 is really nice but way out of my budget, so i would have to be without a
    telescope for another year while i saved up. oh well, decisions decisions.
    nice to have found this group!
  2. helicon64
    If you can get it for a good price I would say go for it…good luck
  3. denebdude
    i agree. i think i might have waited too long as the ad is no longer up on Cloudynights
  4. denebdude
    actually, the fellow still had it and i'm picking it up in two weeks!
    i think this is going to be "the one" that i keep until my eyes can
    no longer see. i just hope the mirror is a good one, but if not i'll
    have it refigured
  5. helicon64
    Good news, hope the mirror turns out to be OK.
  6. denebdude
    thanks! its been too rainy and/or cloudy to check it
    out yet
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