What would be your first "extra" accessory purchase?

  1. Blackhorse
    OK - the new Z8 will be under the tree - and it will have the 2" 30mm and the higher power 1 1/4" eyepieces, the laser collimater and the fan. So what should I be saving my Christmas money for...to use for a New Year's purchase? Another eyepiece? A filter or two or three? Dew zappers? A nice cover? A drone to carry it around for me? I've got some new books I'm going through now, so I'm covered there. Any ideas?
  2. kkinderen
    My first scope (the Z8 ultimate package) is on the way. I kind of feel guilty about thinking of what's next before the Z8 even arrives but the excitement level is still real high.

    The one book I found which I think will be convenient is the National Audubon Society pocket guide Constellations. The small format seems like it will be easy to carry around.

    The Celestron SkyScout and it is looking pretty good. It might be unnecessary to carry anything else around for trying to figure out where to look.

    Another thing I just bought was the download edition of Starry Night with all the modules. I'm kind of sorry I did this because it really is just the Enthusiast edition but costs more than the boxed set of Enthusiast. I'm not finding it much more useful than Stellarium or WWT (worldwide telescope).

    Not having any experience yet, I can only say what I'm looking into and not give any real recommendations. I hope you have a great time!

  3. tglenn
    A Telrad and some Skyspot charts to go with it.
  4. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    I would first buy a hand truck to move it all around .keep your eye to the sky
  5. dodgerm37
    Blackhorse, BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED!!! I use NiMH's in the Z-10 and the AD 12. Alkaline cells work well also.Clear skiues, Bob
  6. mlk1950
    Right now i'm building a wheely bar for it. I bought the Telrad with the scope, so probably a 2" Hotech crosshair laser collimator. Just getting started in this so I have to ask, what is a Blackhorse?
  7. Southernskies10
    By now this post may be redundant.. but incase this is on you list and not yet bought... buy yourself a decent 2x barlow, The 30mm EP the scope comes with is actually a nice EP, as is the 9mm in 1.25" Format. My first addition when buying the Z10 bundle was the Zhumell 2" 2 x Barlow. - It has a 1.25" insert that will take your growing collection of EP's in both 2" & 1.25" formats.. effectively doubling your EP collection for about $60.00
    The second thing and more important than telrads, EP's and dew zappers is a decent collimator. I bought both a Cheshire and made sure the Laser collimator the bundle came with was 100% collimated itself... because it was way off..
    The first "Mod" I carried out was to fit three nylon dolly wheels under the base.. so much easier to roll out onto my patio...
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