New Owner of an Older Model Z10

  1. Rick Armstrong
    Rick Armstrong
    I wasn't looking for a new scope, but I came across a deal too good to pass up. My brother called me from a thift shop and told me he found a telescope for $100. He described it and asked if I wanted him to grab it for me. Of course I said SUUUURE. Turned out to be a Z10.

    Of course it was cloudy for the next several nights, but when I finally got a break in the clouds, I dragged it out for a few minutes. I looked up at my light polluted partly cloudy skies and decided to go for the ring nebula. After that I bounced around Sagittarius a bit, but then the clouds rolled in again. I was pleasantly surprised by the optical performance. Definitely going to have to do some mods on the base though. It moves way too easy. But I have some ideas in mind.
  2. Cladinator
    Good find. Congrats on the "new" scope.
  3. divermike0
    wow - great buy! good luck with it. z10 is a great scope.....
  4. Rick Armstrong
    Rick Armstrong
    I'm loving it. Its my first dob (my other scope is an old fork mounted Celestron) so it took a little getting used to. I'm having fantasies about building a massive EQ mount for it and using it for deep sky photography, but that, if it ever happens, is WAAAAY in the future. I think it would be really cool to have it as a dual use scope: equatorial for photography and still be able to set it up as a dob for easy use.
  5. Rick Armstrong
    Rick Armstrong
    Just had a good laugh at my own expense. Its been consistently cloudy lately so I didn't put a big priority on working on the scope. Plus I figured I'd wait til I had plenty of time in case I had to re-engineer something. I was all ready for a major operation, and it turned out the nylock nut on the pivot bolt was sloppy loose. Snugged it up and it now has the resistance I wanted. Also put a carabiner on each spring to make it easier to hook up the springs. Now I just need a clear night to try it out. For as long as its been cloudy, I'd be happy with a clear hour.
  6. WileECoyote
    A dob owner dreaming of a EQ platform...LOL...been there, oh wait im still there...LOL. good luck on the clouds...the Joker to the Astronomers Batman...LOL.
  7. Southernskies10
    Good Find - Excellent scope - I like the freedom of the Dob - and with two GOTO scopes as backup and for travel -- the Dob is just an awesome window on the universe!
    Clear skies!!!
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