Orion StarShoot IV Solar System Imager

  1. star2root
    Well, it not exactly a webcam. But it essentially is. I am hoping someone can offer me some advice. I have (after some tinkering) managed to mount it so it can focus on my 130mm newtonian (a Meade DS2130AT). And I have managed to get some sort of decent images, like this one (after stacking and sharpening)...
    But, the issue I have is when I try to image an object like jupiter, only the first few seconds of video are useful. The object gets progressively brighter, until after a few seconds, jupiter shows up as a white dot without any detail. If I stop recording and start again, I can get another few seconds of good video. I have tried adjusting various camera setting with limited success. Any ideas?
  2. LEDHead
    I have the same camera and had similar results the one and only time I used it. Now I do not have a scope, but have one on back order and hope to give it another try when she comes in. One thing I think I may have done wrong is my laptop was not hooked up to AC power, but instead running on battery. Could something like that be your issue?
  3. star2root
    According to what some others have told me, the camera heats up during operation and behaves like this. I have compensated by taking my videos in multiple short bursts.
  4. LEDHead
    I once again tried my Orion SS IV camera last night with another disappointing experience. I was using preview mode exclusively. I couldn't even get an image of anything but black on the screen. I was focused on Saturn, my finder scope had it right in the crosshairs and with an EP at about 7mm, Saturn was right in the middle of the FOV. Swapped in the SS IV and just black. Systematically panned around and could never spot anything. I also adjusted focus in and out thinking maybe that was it, but nothing. I don't know, but I've never had any more than disappointment with this thing - so far.
  5. star2root
    I have been able to get an image of Saturn with it... Not a greate one, but an image none the less...

    (Click for a bigger image)

    I plan to make another attempt...
  6. kurt0243
    this was taken with the Orion Star Shoot IV color solar System Imager.The camera was on a nexstar 8SE. I took a 1 minute video and was able to get 300 images to stack.
    The only time I have experienced the problem you describe is when i video the bright moon as it travels into the field of view on my dobsonian.

  7. kurt0243
    These are images captured, not stacked, just single shots. touched up on iphoto a little.

  8. kurt0243
    Have you tried adjusting the exposure or the Gamma?
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