1. astroado
    I have a neximage ccd camera, does that count as a webcam or am I in the wrong group?
    Anyway while I `m here can someone please help me capture a planets moon or moons. I have tried really hard but can`t seem to manage it, here`s an image of Jupiter with Io`s shadow clearly visible on the disc but no moon although it shows up on the avi.

  2. kurt0243
    This looks great. Is this just one image or did you do any stacking?
    Very nice!
  3. astroado
    Thanks kurt0243 for the kind comment, yes I used Registax 6 to stack around 700 frames from an avi of about 1000.

  4. Crawdaddyjc
    Astroado- i recently got the NI5 and im having issues getting live view. My cpu recognizes the camera but no matter what i do i cannot get a live view. Any pointers? I have even been trying to do daytime terrestrial shots just to get something but no luck.
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