Is it possible to get technical within this Group?

  1. rfluke
    It is very common for me to spend several hours doing research on the internet to accomplish something I want to do with cameras, telescopes, mounts, software and the like. I have even come across camera setting in jpegs taken by DSLRs. What I have not found is information on what I intend to do next: Video Astrophotography. Beyond testing video cameras, various software, and various optical tube combinations, I have yet to find guidance on the "how to" part of the process. Do you run the recording full tilt? Do you space out short segments? Do you take individual frames? Given that you can control the exposure time. What is a "good exposure time for a video camera. Should you spit the video image for guiding or should you use two video cameras one for each function? What is a respectable length for the indexing and stacking process?

    I have found NO answers else where. Perhaps here? Thanks
  2. sxinias
    I doubt that the webcam astrophotography group will be of much help to you regarding video astronomy. A good source of help is the video astronomy forum. Here is a link to the forum: Video Astronomy Forum

    One attribute of video astronomy is that it is a rapidly evolving technology. There really are few pat answers.
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