Who is where around th uk

  1. NMG
    I'm from Rayleigh Essex.
  2. PaulWAS
    Hi group,
    New member reporting in. I live in Chase Terrace, Burntwood, Staffs in a suburban moderately light polluted area. I had a SkyWatcher 130 on an EQ2 mount with a motor drive since 2012 but I recently, 2 months ago, updated to a Skymax 127 with a SupaTrack mount and a Goto mount. I sold the reflector on ebay but as yet have only used the Mak in daylight: the weather has been very unkind in this neck of the woods. I am a member of Walsall astronomical Society. Any other member live close by?
    Regards PaulWAS
  3. Arno54
    Hi guys, anyone from bournemouth here? Or anywhere between weymouth and southampton
  4. watson1
    In the Scottish Borders, just 10miles south of the Bypass.

    Spotted a Newtongrange member of another Forum, need to arrange visit and see what I can learn from him.
    He posted some nice pics.
  5. Cyclops
    County Durham here
  6. TheGrinch
    Hi all I am in Gosport Hants opposite the IOW

    New to all this and waiting for a clear night to start astrophotograph. With weather in the South that means I will be clicking away in about six months.
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