Should this group be deleted

  1. great-bear
    Doesn't this group merely duplicate the purpose of the UK Astronomy Forum part of this web site?
  2. admin
    I guess that is a valid point, this may be used more for meetings and contacting members that want to schedule events?

    what do you think?
  3. kernowholic
    Yeah it does seem a bit pointless in that sense but it could be good to bring uk astronomers together a bit more,although i,m not having much luck with it at the moment,it should maybe be a seperate site in its own right then theres no confusion within this forum.
    Do you mean to cut us loose ? lol.
  5. kernowholic
    No Tillibobs,i don,t think anyone wants that but lets face it,look at the posts and reply,s,theres not much to gravitate towards,it needs more input and conversation don,t you think?
    I couldn't agree more, I raised a point yesterday asking how many of the 70 odd thousand members were writing in the forum. I would be surprised if there were more than a couple of hundred who were even semi active..................So, what do you want to talk about lol. I know I'm having big trouble with my web cam, and if I can;t sort it soon it;s heading for the bin.
  7. BlueDew
    I agree with Till.. I see all the new comers, but they never seem too come back.. but it's their loss!
    What's the deal with your webcam
    Hi Luke, it's a Phllips 900 ( forget the letters ) the one they've stopped making. I tried to run it on Sharp Cap but can't get anything to show. I pre-focused with a 6mm eye piece, so I know the object is there, but can't get it to show, and yes, I have turned the focuser. Last night I focused on the street lights on the other side of the valley still nothing.
    I'm waitijng for a new fimder scope to come then I'll try again. I deleted Sharp Cap and re loaded it and am thinking of doing the same with the Phillips driver.
  9. kernowholic
    Hope you get that one sorted tillibobs,i don,t use webcams much so i,m not much help,i,m with you bluedew,yes it is their loss,but as long as people keep talking i,ll allways come back!
  10. robjh123
    I think lots of people get right into a hobby for about a week then it tends to go... I imagine lots of people get a scope for Christmas/birthdays stuff like that. I've been interested in Astronomy since I can remember, I've had quite a bit of time off recently got some money and decided to buy myself a half decent scope it's a great hobby, I don't think the group should be deleted but someone really active should run it
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