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  1. whatsthematter
    Hello all. I have just joined this group and thought I would say hello to people. I am just getting back into astronomy after being distracted for 25 years by little things such as work and bringing up four kids. Anyway I am here now. I have bought new kit as well as keeping my old stuff from way back and I learned my first mistake. I started to buy all of my new kit in early May. By the time I got it all bought from various places and put it all together we were into the middle of June. As you will know June is not the best time to look for dark skys and this year we seem to have had a lot of cloud so I have all this kit and it has not been looked through. I suppose that if I waited 25 years another couple of months wont hurt.
    I live in Liverpool and we are well supported in the area with clubs. We also have the John Moores university who are strong in astronomy and I recently attended one of their astronomy days and enjoyed it. So the future looks good.
    Regards Dave
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